HELLERS Kallendresser


HELLERS Kallendresser is a delicate herbal liqueur made from over 100 different herbs, seeds and roots by the renowned Habbel distillery in Sprockhövel. It is particularly mild and mellow with an alcohol by volume of 32%. The name of the liqueur, Kallendresser, is also special. It refers to the figure of a bare-bottomed boy in Cologne’s Altermarkt – or ‘Old Market’ – who is renowned for his rebellious nature. The same goes for our liqueur, which unlike other herbal liqueurs, goes its own merry way in terms of taste.

It is available in 0.5 litre swing-top bottles and 0.1 litre swing-top gift bottles.

HELLERS Kallendresser

24,90  incl. VAT

– Contents: 0.5l
– Alcohol content: 32% VOL
– Weight: 0,971kg

– Contents: 0,1l
– Alcohol content: 32% VOL
– Gewicht: 0,271kg

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